Mahabalipuram Or Mamallapuram Other important places


       The Mamallpuram beach adds beauty to the pallava constructions. There are green and lush casuarinas groves which add further colour to the surroundings. The sunrise and sunset looks exuberant and tourists will surely enjoy the ambiance. One can observe the light fading away to night, the waning moon, the shining and glittering stars and the murmuring waves add glory tot his place. People would certainly love to enjoy this tourist resort.


      The sailors and the boat riding fishermen find their way to the land with the help of light houses. The new lighthouse is located south of Arjuna’s penance which is the highest point of the area.


      This is located in the heart of mahabalipuram. It was originally built by the pallava kings, but later on there have been many alternations to the temple. It is told that the pallava kings and the artists of their times discussed about their art and architecture here.


      Museums are very important fro a place as it speaks and proves of the history of a place. The museums have a lot of preserved things which were used during the ancient times. The pallava kings too used various weapons and tools and other things which are found to be preserved in the museums listed below.

The Archaeological survey of India museum is located on the west raja street near the lighthouse. It preserves pallava sculptures recovered from mahabalipuram and its surroundings. One can enjoy the natural scenery from here nearby the New Lighthouse is the old Lighthouse named as Olakaneswara which means the flame eyed shiva. This was used during the rule of Rajasimha (678 - 800 A.D). It has no images and was used as light house until the beginning of the 20th century. Now it is not in use.


      This college is located 2 kilometers away from mahabalipuram towards Kovalam Road. This is a unique college. T he students can learn the art of making sculptures right from ancient drawings and sculptures both in wood and stone as well as the classical Hindu traditional sculptures.


      This is near Salurankuppam. This is a coastal village of 5 Kilometers north of mahabalipuram on the Kovalam Road. This is a magnificent mandapa which contains a shrine dedicated to goddess Durga which has big beautiful figures in front. The deposition here is on the battle of Goddess Durga and Mahishasura. There are number of charges in this Mandapam from that of the Mahishasura Mardini Mandapam. The figure of somaskanda is found in Athiranachanda Mandapa to the south of Tiger care. This too is a popular picnic spot.