Mahabalipuram Or Mamallapuram Krishna Mandapam

This is the biggest among the Mandapams and is dedicated to Lord Krishna Lord Krishna is a famous legend who has been the figure of many mythological stories. The sculptures inside this Mandapam beautifully picturize the myth of Lord Krishna during his brave and energetic adulthood. He lifted the huge mount govardhara in elder to provide shelter to his people and their animals from the rain. Lord Indra, god of rain poured rain continuously due to his wrath. The shepherd community namely Gokulas was shopped and thanked lord Indra once a year for his showers of blessings.

      But Lord Krishna asked the people to stop their practicing such custom as it was the people’s herd work that brought the people the materialistic wealth and not Lord India. Due to this lord India got angry and ordered the rain clouds to pour heavily to destroy all the animals. The people trembled in fear and went to Lord Krishna for help and lord Krishna did this mighty act of protecting the people by lifting the huge mount to protect the people and their cattle, the mighty effect was that he lifted the mount with his single little finger. The downpour was for server continuous days. Lord Indra felt very embarrassed and with drew the clouds, considering the marvelous act of the small boy. The pastoral life of the people is carved inside the mandapam. The sculptures that are beautifully portrayed constitute – a shepherd milking a cow while it licked its calf, a farmer walking with his child placed on his shoulder, a shepherdess carrying a pot of curd on her head, another with a rolled mat on her head and a tier of arranged pots in one hard, a young couple pictured beautifully and other pastoral portrayals.